What the future holds- future predictions, gadgets, computers, high-tech – the topics of the current module.

So, this time grammar is about :

  • Future Simple :  refresh your memory  and learn some new points about it.
  • Expresssing Future :  find  here and compare tenses that speak about future situations however they are not future tenses, such as Present Continuous (a fixed arrangement in the near future), Present Simple (timetables) and  expression be going to do something.
  • Infinitive of purpose: what is it, check it out here.
  • Zero and First Conditionals:   learn here.

As always build your vocabulary with Quizlet ,  here goes new phrasal verb LOOK apart of Nouns to Adjectives Word Formation review.

Don’t forget  to check Speaking Bank of this module. Agreeing or disagreeing about your preferences, giving instructions about gadgets functioning.

Writing Bank is about an opinion essay – how to organize it (the structure) , how to support your opinion by giving reasons.


Have fun learning English. 

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